The process of finding out what is required for a visa application can be confusing and stressful. It’s hard to find the official Embassy or Consulate website and when you finally do, it’s not easy to navigate through the maze of information. Save yourselfe that stress and confusion and let Business Connect clearly explain what is required.



Many travelers who send off their Visa Applications do so with an uneasy feeling not knowing whether they have completed their application correctly. With Business Connect, you will feel reassured that the experts are with you every step of the way.



The process of working out visa requirements and making an application can be very time consuming. With Business Connect, less time applying for visas, more time planning your trip!


At Business Connect We provide our clients with the information, compilation of necessary documents, process and assist in the processing of the following kinds of visa


Students Visa

Visit Visa

Work visa

Residence Visa both Temporal and Permanent

Business Visa

Visa  Processing time   will  depend  on your  desired country  or destination and  also on the  visa  type  but  our  Minimum time  is 4 working days and  Maximum processing  time is 3 Months. More information on visa process time can be found on the various embassies and consulate website

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