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Our team has years of experience with Global Distribution System (GDS) platforms, as well as Retail and Online Travel companies.

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GLB is a top service provider to the entire Travel Ribbon, serving airlines, hotel operators and vacation ownerships.


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2017 Travel Study

Review the findings from our survey of early technology adopters, and find out how to get closer to your fastest‑moving customers.


A forecasting and planning solution that helps the restaurant industry build a highly accurate inventory and sales forecast, thereby reducing wastage and increasing productivity.

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U.S. Casual Dining Company Benefits with Managed Services

After having outsourced its IT operations a decade ago, this GLB client became interested in better managing its F&A costs through managed services. With its A/P department a major cost center, the company saw this as a good starting point.

After we helped them transition this function successfully, the company opted to source several other F&A processes, including payroll management and restaurant accounting. This resulted in an expected total annual cost savings of 38% and millions of dollars.

Turkey Tourist Visa Purposes of Entry

When applying for a Turkey Tourist Visa, you should pay attention to the purpose of your trip to Turkey, as there is a list of only a few purposes eligible for application.

Find the acceptable purposes of applying for a Turkey Tourist visa listed below:

  • Touristic Visit. If you are planning to travel to Turley for sightseeing, vacation, and other similar purposes.
  • Business meeting/Commerce. If you want to attend a business meeting or other unpaid commerce-related activity in Turkey.
  • Conference/Seminar/Meeting. When planning to participate at a conference, seminar, meeting or other similar activity in Turkey.
  • Festival / Fair / Exhibition. If you want to take part in a fair, festival, exhibition, etc., in Turkey.
  • Sportive Activity. If you want to travel to Turkey to attend a sportive activity either as a sports person or a fan.
  • Cultural/Artistic Activity. If you are planning to become part of cultural or artistic activity.
  • Official Visit. When traveling to Turkey as a part of an official delegation, representing the government or other public institutions of your country.
  • Visit Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. If you are planning to travel to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for any of the reasons listed above.